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Top 8 Reasons to Attend LAVC


  1. Find YOUR path to success. 检查我们的 程序映射工具 to help you get started on a 职业生涯 & Academic Pathway (or major).

  2. Classes that fit YOUR schedule. We offer classes in-person, online and hybrid (in-person with online components). 搜索 our class schedule.
  3. 我们关心你! We offer student support programs for first-time college students, 培养青年, 退伍军人, 梦想家/ DACA, black/african americans, students who are parents, bgi的,以及更多!
  4. 交朋友 & 建立你的社区. Find opportunities to meet other students, 参加学生社团, and get involved in student government though our 学生生活办公室
  5. We're is a TOP transfer school. 我们的 转移 Alliance/Honors Program (TAP) students have a 90%+ transfer acceptance rate to top universities.
  6. Train for an in-demand career in less than 2 years. Get the skills to succeed in a new career by earning a two-year certificate in one of our offer career technical education programs (such as registered nursing, respiratory therapy, and media arts) or take short-term career courses.
  7. A beautiful park-like campus. Learn in an urban oasis in the heart of the Los Angeles suburb of the San Fernando Valley. 我们的 105-acre campus filled with trees and fields of grass is the first Tree Campus USA at a California community college.
  8. FREE tuition is available!  California-residents pay only 每学分46美元. Plus, first-time college students can get up to two years of free tuition through the 皇冠最新网址承诺 Program.


Get Help from our 欢迎中心


Portrait of Christine Birchfield

I choose to come to LAVC because they have a really excellent film program. I’ve learned so many everyday skills that I never would have picked up anywhere else.

- Christine Birchfield

My favorite program is 朋地. It helps Latinx students transfer and it’s helped me tremendously. 我很喜欢!


Portrait of Diego Enriquez

Portrait of Jacqueline Cardenas

I came back to Valley after 20 years. But here I am now—a month away from graduating! It was something that I never thought could be done at my 年龄, but I’ve gotten all the help every step of the way.

- Jacqueline Cardenas